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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#MorningJoe's hair grew six inches taller overnight. Values, Morning Joe? Let's talk about the intern you once knew, ratings gold, #TheFive

@DBloom451 (Boston) tweeted:

Guy who's wife is currently under FBI investigation for BANK FRAUD calls Trump a fraud on #MorningJoe. Really!

@Morning_Joe (Morning Joe) tweeted:

New numbers out this morning on Trump's job approval #morningjoe https://t.co/A1MlHSGf30

@DBloom451 (Boston) tweeted:


@sherrishavon (Sherri Shavon❄️❄️) tweeted:

Republicans think tax payer funded health care is bad for everyone but them. #MorningJoe https://t.co/Pe94RyP82Q

@sherrishavon (Sherri Shavon❄️❄️) tweeted:

Trump tells his supporters what to think. #MorningJoe https://t.co/ZBtIB4AWUS

@DBloom451 (Boston) tweeted:

Only took me 7mins to *CLICK away from #MorningJoe. FAKE POLLS on @POTUS FAKE POLLS on #Obamacare Back to DTjr and… https://t.co/lTZoBJzfun

@Morning_Joe (Morning Joe) tweeted:

Trump's numbers plummet in new poll: https://t.co/Sy8DZyinjb #morningjoe https://t.co/VaDXRVCg2N

@janetika1 (Janet #NeverVoteRepu) tweeted:

#morningjoe It's Monday,have u called a senator today? 202-224-6244 Heller 202-224-6665 Murkowski 202-224-6472 Capito 202-224-3353 Portman

@Chrismf6 (Chris Fredrickson) tweeted:

#morningjoe JFK:83% Nixon 62% Carter: 63% Reagan: 68% Bush: 56% Clinton:55% W Bush62% Obama:65% Trump

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