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National Anthem

Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Karachi / Pakistan
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@SarahRodriguez (Sarah Rodriguez) tweeted:

Here's footage of me singing the National Anthem at the @TorreySmithWR @RyanKerrigan91 #battleofthebeltway game. http://t.co/U8c1JYxKcu

@CloydRivers (Cloyd Rivers) tweeted:

If hearin' the National Anthem doesn't make you want to chant USA & throat punch ISIS, you must hate bald eagles & not have a pulse.

@piersmorgan (Piers Morgan) tweeted:

And if you want to captain England, @Eoin16 - then sing the damn national anthem, too.

@twpcoachmcbride (Coach McBride) tweeted:

Beyond proud of DECA member Kaitlee Francisco for singing the national anthem @ DECA States @PrincipalWTHS @WTHSDECA http://t.co/qREUFxJqW2

@trailblazers (Trail Blazers) tweeted:

Tonight's National Anthem, courtesy of Jerome Kersey. #JK25 https://t.co/eIsn2SDjMY

@thedopedoctor (Luis Delgado, CAP) tweeted:

@phillips did a great job today singing the National Anthem before the race. #phillipphillips… http://t.co/5OPSHI4OuP

@wksmz (твоялюбовь) tweeted:

С днем мужика @LanBanan_ шоль

@Stephen7699 (Stephen Paul) tweeted:

@trboxing and @MannyPacquiao please let @JessicaESanchez be the one to sing the National Anthem(or Anthems maybe)at the Pacquiao\Mayweather

@JacqMifsud (Jacqueline Mifsud) tweeted:

@mattsfk I'm on a date but I'm drunk and all I wanna do is sing the American national anthem

@JoewackleGh (wackle) tweeted:

Bisa K'dei can even make the National Anthem sound like a dirge

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