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@ValaAfshar (Vala Afshar) tweeted:

The best way to promote a new idea or different belief is not with facts, but with a story. —@davegray #BIF2017… https://t.co/DklpiH81cP

@ValaAfshar (Vala Afshar) tweeted:

A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song. —Maya Angelou #BIF2017 https://t.co/Uc19eXzCQB

@ValaAfshar (Vala Afshar) tweeted:

The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. —Steve Jobs #BIF2017 https://t.co/lAZLIAFTx2

@ValaAfshar (Vala Afshar) tweeted:

You cannot expect customers to love your company before your employees do. #BIF2017

@TheBIF (BizInnovationFactory) tweeted:

What if a doctor thought they were capable of meeting their patient needs? @lschlesinger #BIF2017

@cjacksonj13 (Chris Jackson) tweeted:

Not only admits to it, acknowledges the power of messiness to tell a better story. Terrific! #BIF2017 https://t.co/4Pysumn9is

@coreymohn (Corey Mohn) tweeted:

Sounds a lot like our experience @BVCAPS - to be engaging must be real & authentic https://t.co/stsL8AJmHW #BIF2017… https://t.co/Md8mpY

@rwang0 (R Ray Wang (王瑞光)) tweeted:

MyPOV: good hearing from David Macaulay, master illustrator and story teller #BIF2017 https://t.co/fMGr7bEno4

@ValaAfshar (Vala Afshar) tweeted:

The brilliant @waltmossberg and his must watch story | @karaswisher @Recode #BIF2017 https://t.co/gIi3B8dSux

@karlaevigil (Karla E. Vigil) tweeted:

@carlon_h and I ready for session 2 at #BIF2017 https://t.co/c70RzIjyEG

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