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@devumi (Devumi) tweeted:

Who knew you could BUY YouTube Views!? Want your videos to have 1M views? #BIF2017 #EmotionAISummit #codecommerce https://t.co/wixD53l4pB

@PortableDan (That's So Dan) tweeted:

"People like to be with people." FALSE, especially at retail. #codecommerce

@JMBooyah (Johana Bhuiyan) tweeted:

Btw @karaswisher and I are interviewing @badassboz on stage tmrw at #codecommerce. Watch live here: https://t.co/CLvqzqGG2l via @Recode

@Recode (Recode) tweeted:

.@benkaufman, of @BuzzFeed: We create things other merchants can’t. We created our own Tasty cookbook and launched… https://t.co/KPEvfc2clV

@Michael_MBA (michael) tweeted:

RT @zdwigder: Commerce is "the most important area in the online space" #codecommerce

@ranimolla (Rani Molla) tweeted:

Rebranding in 2017: The @wirecutter is dropping the "the" #codecommerce

@kronisch (kronisch) tweeted:

https://t.co/phdRTzemKq 5 is dead-Intro https://t.co/phdRTzemKq Core & .NET Core https://t.co/RYT5Du0qTj via @shanselman #code #codecomm

@natashasamani (✝️Natasha) tweeted:

RT @philwahba: Williams Sonoma CEO at #codecommerce "Amazon is not killing retailers. Retailers' bad service is killing retailers." Preach.…

@MikeDuda (Michael Duda) tweeted:

@benkaufman is a wonderfully refreshing, honest speaker. Good for him saying "failing...it sucks." #codecommerce

@Recode (Recode) tweeted:

David Perpich, @wirecutter: We are announcing that in Oct. we are rebranding Wirecutter. We are dropping the “The.”… https://t.co/IAdu4y1TMs

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