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Get Hard

Trend time: Sat Mar 28, 2015
Trend location: United States / United States
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@theford (Ryan Ford) tweeted:

RT @LSJGreenWhite: MSU's players saw Will Ferrell's 'Get Hard' Friday and got tough late during a win over Oklahoma. From @joerexrode http:…

@GrciAlex (Alex) tweeted:

“@1ofthedopest: GET HARD WAS SO FUCKING FUNNY” damn no invite Lemi Marie?

@GlobEyesSalena (fajita cervantes) tweeted:

“@TeeELCee_: Do not spend money to see the movie get hard.” Imma do it

@xoxriiia (ria) tweeted:

@yejinlalalauren the movie Get Hard...

@_ryan_bishop_ () tweeted:

RT @LeeyaStasch: I want to see Get Hard so bad

@KcuttaVash (⚜️Sir Ivory ⚜️) tweeted:

"@NaySoFine: Get Hard was funny af...Gotta see it again" hmmm

@essexkelsey (Kelsey Essex) tweeted:

Omg get hard was so funny

@number13__jp (SIMBA) tweeted:

Everyone Talking bout get hard and furious 7. I'm just waiting for straight out of Compton and star wars to come out

@ItsNenniLove (Jenny) tweeted:

@_Jaackelynn Dude I went to go watch home & then my mom snuck in to Get hard so I followed , but I'll watch it again just for you

@alexisjhaten (Alexis) tweeted:

Get Hard was hilarious

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