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Get Hard

Trend time: Sat Mar 28, 2015
Trend location: United States / United States
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@Samyeto_ (S A M) tweeted:

@yasserking20 Get Hard

@lorenzwizzle (lorenz) tweeted:

Get Hard was too funny

@maaetzy (Maetzy Alarcon) tweeted:

lmao get hard was a good movie.

@Beast_Lujan (Ryan) tweeted:

Get Hard was HILARIOUS @_TheRenz_

@dannymarey (Danny Martinez Reyes) tweeted:

Get Hard was a hella funny movie

@jacob_50g (almost 6'0) tweeted:

Had a slushy went to watch get hard it was a good day could of been great just missing that someone

@amandareneaa (Amanda Rodriguez) tweeted:

Get Hard was seriously hilarious

@BenCourtney_ (Ben Courtney) tweeted:

Vue aren't showing Get Hard.. Wankers Odeon it is then!

@__UhOh (Bae.) tweeted:

RT @DA_REAL_DEAL28: Get hard funny af

@sadhbhcooke (Sadhbh Cooke) tweeted:

Get Hard was seriously hilarious

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