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@JeonMicDrop () tweeted:

Happy 3rd Anniversary to Awakening from RM mixtape. Thank you for gracing us with amazing lyricism and openig your… https://t.co/M8nB3zqyzC

@sovereigntae (noria) tweeted:

You let us see a part of you and for that we will forever be grateful for you and your work Namjoon… https://t.co/3XHSmjmboK

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

in the moment of my failure will someone hold my hand? in the moment when I come down from the stage will that pers… https://t.co/jfZIRDkOlD

@CYPHERPARTFlVE () tweeted:

joon’s whole mixtape is a masterpiece full of rawness and emotion. he opened up his heart and mind about his hardsh… https://t.co/nRD16TFYxR

@namujunie () tweeted:

namjoon is always so passionate and honest when it comes to making music, he gets really deep with us sometimes and… https://t.co/LkIDofQg9z

@poutyminyoongi (arah loves yoongi ) tweeted:

“I couldn’t help but spit and spit, keepin’ repeating too many damns. Gotta let my eyes watch too many ends. Outsid… https://t.co/MqfThvF53Y

@ksjsupremacist (Sara || Crypticsj) tweeted:

Namjoon said he’s gonna drop RM 2 after hixtape. The first mixtape was a masterpiece but it was underrated because… https://t.co/9FCfpa3Yu7

@jeonsempire (r a j a e ) tweeted:

Joon faced lot of sharp criticism/hate from close minded people who refused to believe in his skills & acknowledge… https://t.co/VKIWPnq

@EomukandOdeng (mots: persona 19.04.) tweeted:

happy #3yrswithAWAKENING, this beautiful track from a legendary mixtape! although we weren't around for its release… https://t.co/qLJpx3V40f

@jhswave (carla #mono) tweeted:

already 3 years since namjoon released this masterpiece called awakening, talking about his struggles and the peopl… https://t.co/GNk3cWkWsH

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