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Trend time: Wed Apr 01, 2015
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@Zainab__Balogun (Zainab Balogun) tweeted:

I don't why but my spirit doesn't agree with this sign language interpreter. Someone confirm his signs please #Nigeriadecides

@royaltyuso (Royalty) tweeted:

The Victory that came just before Easter. This day shall never be forgotten. It ended in praise. GOD is the Greatest. #Nigeriadecides

@ReutersAfrica (Reuters Africa) tweeted:

Buhari claims victory in historic Nigerian vote #Nigeriadecides http://t.co/iQZImh7ixo

@EiENigeria (EiE Nigeria) tweeted:

#NigeriaDecides: A new administration but our work continues to ensure that the 'Office of the Citizen' remains the highest office! #RSVP

@causticbob (Bob Kostic) tweeted:

#Nigeriadecides well, i guess that's the end of my goodluck jokes. :(

@dotmanx (A) tweeted:

Your #change @Dayod1adeneye @oged07 @AfroVII @idrisayobello @DoubleEph #Nigeriadecides #Nigeria2015 @Etoillenfant http://t.co/ELpFqZgmFj

@abousadq (abousadq) tweeted:

Dear @MusadiqZ Congratulations. You'll never be forgotten by anyone here. Victory is for every Nigerian #NigeriaDecides #VictoryForBuhari

@TheNationNews (The Nation Nigeria) tweeted:

Buhari: fourth time lucky #NigeriansElect2015 #Nigeriadecides http://t.co/xP9VzMfDsA http://t.co/RjBp6CjaJN

@estherclimate (Esther Agbarakwe) tweeted:

Waiting to hear what @DebolaLagos will tell @BBCWorld @nkemifejika about @ThisIsBuhari Media Campaign #Nigeriadecides http://t.co/4Ldy3MEDkk

@Ebuka (Ebuka Obi-Uchendu) tweeted:

All those prayers had to work man. #NigeriaDecides

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