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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#FoodCity500 https://t.co/YQqOmOk24H

@NASCAR (NASCAR) tweeted:

All of your essentials for this restart!

@StewartHaasRcng (Stewart-Haas Racing) tweeted:

Lap 184: @KevinHarvick has the @BuschBeer Ford up to p7. Solid work as he navigates the #FoodCity500

@PRNlive (PRN) tweeted:

Trouble for Kurt Busch! He drops off the pace and brings the no. 41 to pit road. #NASCAR #foodCity500

@NASCARonNBC (NASCAR on NBC) tweeted:

Kyle Larson is dominating so far in Stage 2, but as we learned from Stage 1... ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.… https://t.co/6MMaL99Rd0

@PRNlive (PRN) tweeted:

Leaderboard, 50 to go in Stage 2: 1) Larson 2) Hamlin 3) Menard 4) Stenhouse 5) Kyle Busch 6) Logano 7) Suarez 8) J… https://t.co/lN5QdRStLi

@PRNlive (PRN) tweeted:

#NASCAR will display the red flag for the fourth time now (3 for weather) here at @BMSupdates #FoodCity500 https://t.co/WaFVBOa25C

@NASCAR_Alerts (NASCAR Alerts) tweeted:

Drivers are out of their cars. #NASCAR #FoodCity500

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

I think the track might be lost #Bristol #BristolBaby #FOODCITY500 #ShortTrackRacing #LappedTraffic

@PRNlive (PRN) tweeted:

"When you see raindrops on your windshield, your confidence in your grip goes down... both of those things make it… https://t.co/NfVzM73YIY

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