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Trend time: Sun Apr 15, 2018
Trend location: Winnipeg / Canada
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@UOIT (University of Ontari) tweeted:

During #NVW2018, the university wants to say thank you to our #volunteers who build confidence, competence, connect… https://t.co/EUJ2xstPpZ

@TLPCanada (The Learning Partner) tweeted:

It's National Volunteer Week! This week, we're honouring volunteers across Canada and worldwide for supporting educ… https://t.co/OswQSn16Wy

@redcrosscanada (Canadian Red Cross) tweeted:

It’s #NationalVolunteerWeek and we’re incredibly grateful to our many volunteers! Here, we’re sharing some words fr… https://t.co/CAmZgSP5q2

@fedyyc (Federation of Calgar) tweeted:

Today is the first day of National Volunteer Week! Calgary's 151 community associations are run by 20,000 volunteer… https://t.co/L1QVTiJB50

@BCSARAssoc (BCSARA) tweeted:

For National Volunteer Week 2018 we are going to focus on the numbers. At the very heart of search & rescue it is t… https://t.co/uV4KzF

@OPPCommHawkes (JVN (Vince) Hawkes) tweeted:

Close to 200,000 hours are volunteered by dedicated and remarkable #OPP #Auxiliary members each year. #ThankYou for… https://t.co/melnGLHDHJ

@NOTLfiredept (NOTL Fire & Emergenc) tweeted:

Heading into #NVW2018, we would like to acknowledge our retired volunteers. Yesterday, NOTL firefighters hosted a… https://t.co/pWGAYP7mY8

@ShaunaRivait (Shauna Rivait) tweeted:

Photo booth fun for the #OrangeBrunch2018 @calgarydropin #NationalVolunteerWeek #NVW2018 https://t.co/K77PdOeQ13

@cssalberta (Catholic Social Srvs) tweeted:

#NVW2018 has officially begun! This year, it's all about the #ValueOfVolunteering! Did you know that in 2017, CSS v… https://t.co/zGNkAiIQdL

@SBCOUNTYFIRE (SB County Fire) tweeted:

It's National Volunteer Week! Thank you to all of the great men and women that volunteer to serve our communities.… https://t.co/2C41g5VhYG

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