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Trend time: Sun Apr 15, 2018
Trend location: Winnipeg / Canada
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@MakeAWishCA (Make-A-Wish Canada) tweeted:

It's #NationalVolunteerWeek and we're celebrating our outstanding volunteers across Canada! The annual Make-A-Wish… https://t.co/JviBMoQIs7

@TheFirstTee (The First Tee) tweeted:

We couldn’t do it without our 25,000 #volunteers! Happy National Volunteer Week! #NVW2018 https://t.co/Oq5Jadu7RA https://t.co/WOM4WllDWR

@YWCA_Hamilton (YWCA Hamilton) tweeted:

Today marks the beginning of National Volunteer Week. Throughout the week, we'll be highlighting the important work… https://t.co/fnDIIZcMdz

@VolunteerCanada (Volunteer Canada) tweeted:

The Values and the Value of Volunteering…. we have a lot to celebrate. Check out the 1st #NVW2018 blog post.… https://t.co/cu8HyXwXjT

@KidSportOntario (KidSport Ontario) tweeted:

We are excited to join @VolunteerCanada to celebrate National Volunteer Week from April 15-21! Thank you to all of… https://t.co/UyrFDMv0JV

@FortEdPark (Fort Edmonton Park) tweeted:

Happy National Volunteer Week! Our volunteers bring history to life: Toddler Laurel loves volunteering with her Mom… https://t.co/dPAOHvepx3

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Happy National Volunteer Week to an amazing bunch of volunteers! #NVW2018 #volunteers @CBDCNL @CBDCAtlantic https://t.co/JNFWMWEVgY

@VolunteerCanada (Volunteer Canada) tweeted:

The Value of Volunteering Wheel illustrates the many benefits of volunteering to building confidence, competence, c… https://t.co/Hm4ekMbc3O

@VolunteerAB (Volunteer Alberta) tweeted:

Volunteers in Fort McMurray continue to provide labour needed to rebuild from the devastating wildfire in 2016. Wit… https://t.co/i9DD8TySsT

@RCRMuseum (The RCR Museum) tweeted:

National Volunteer Week #NVW2018. https://t.co/a9jLjwhfYN We would like to start by saying a big THANK YOU to all o… https://t.co/aDUUAntaxI

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