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Trend time: Sun Apr 15, 2018
Trend location: Winnipeg / Canada
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@TourCNTower (CN Tower/La Tour CN) tweeted:

Tonight the #CNTower will shine red in support of the @Raptors first #NBAPlayoffs2018 home game / Ce soir La… https://t.co/ioMClVpgYx

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

‼️bombshell ‼️‼️NYC FBI field office is #corrupt. Linked to Loretta Lynch. RT RT #Qanon #MAGA @realDonaldTrump… https://t.co/LTAePSElz6

@TerezOwens (Terez Owens) tweeted:

LeBron James Thick Niece Letting It All Hang Out On Instagram #nbaPlayoffs2018 https://t.co/YgO689YP6W

@RealAClifton (Allie Clifton) tweeted:

| ball goes up, 3:30 EST | #nbaPlayoffs2018

@TreyCochran_ (T Cookies) tweeted:

The Bucks are just not a good TEAM. Been waiting years for them to “get it” “grow up” not the right pieces yet. Sti… https://t.co/N15MkqFTbh

@sicksacksiggelo (Ügü) tweeted:

dafuuuuuq? back 2 back 2 back clutch baskets!! #Ilovethisgame #nbaPlayoffs2018

@HeatherBramante (Heather) tweeted:

Was that real? @celtics #nbaPlayoffs2018

@KofSports (Kof) tweeted:

The look of someone who had @Bucks (+4). @Covers

@eric_ervin (Big Erv McCracken) tweeted:

Send Lue to the locker room and let Drew coach from here. #nbaPlayoffs2018 @cavs @Cavs_Mania

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

I wouldn’t be so quick to count out @KingJames in this game.... #nba #nbaPlayoffs2018

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