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@neighbour_s (Sally Neighbour) tweeted:

Must watch: the undercover investigation that forced Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg's massive mea culpa. 'Democracy,… https://t.co/Oqcdgj5eVo

@4corners (4corners) tweeted:

Now on #4Corners... How to infiltrate the bloodstream of the internet: https://t.co/lxJ3D57QGu

@jrostant (ɈⱯƧǾȠ ⱤƟṦƮⱭƝŦ) tweeted:

"No point fighting elections on the facts, it's all about emotion." #4corners

@neighbour_s (Sally Neighbour) tweeted:

Pay attention @chriskkenny, this is an important story, not just a stoush in the culture wars #4Corners https://t.co/JMVmIVhlVr

@StephanieAWood1 (Stephanie Wood) tweeted:

Oh the charming Mr Alexander Nix and his #cambridgeanalytica on @4corners … I interviewed him in Sydney early last… https://t.co/rAh4M3X3T2

@Tank9999 (Allan Green) tweeted:

The Cambridge Analytica business model seems to be: Only work for right wing parties & be happy to use every dirty… https://t.co/zlGMkd

@4corners (4corners) tweeted:

.@CamAnalytica didn’t let the facts get in the way of an election campaign. #4Corners https://t.co/DE6dHpPRAx

@AnodyneParadigm (▌│█║▌║▌║) tweeted:

Absolutely no doubt the Murdoch stable and the Institute Public Affairs are the most insidious and subversive outfi… https://t.co/kT1gRPdqAP

@krONik (Emilio, Baròn Death) tweeted:

#DeleteFacebook or as a minimum #RegulateFacebook This #4Corners is explosive about our #privacy and the #security… https://t.co/qTUUKFlbTo

@Lisagr_ace (Lisa Grace Favazzo) tweeted:

Cambridge Analytica claim they used the data of 230 million Americans to win the Trump election reports Kylie Morris. #4corners #ujelp18

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