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@WarmongerHodges (Hajo Meyer's Violin) tweeted:

If there's an after-the-fact vote on military action in Syria tomorrow in the HoC, I predict these Labour MPs will… https://t.co/qavz4GH2oX

@sketchaganda (SKETCHAGANDA) tweeted:

"Supreme Leader Theresa May triumphantly returns to Westminster today after destroying a Syrian chemical weapons st… https://t.co/j9LEDZ2HHq

@nja5 (noel jon pleb) tweeted:

don't believe a word Boris Johnson says, he can't help it he's a compulsive lying Tory bast**d #VictoriaLive… https://t.co/NQr9fiA2JR

@X_RayVision (X-Ray Vision) tweeted:

Theresa May's a Racist. The "Go Home" vans. Her "Citizens of Nowhere" speech at Conference. Amber Rudd's scheme cal… https://t.co/nOllCrn0hz

@daily_politics (BBC Daily Politics a) tweeted:

"What were they intended to do?" @Jo_Coburn asks @JohnnyMercerUK who said the Syria air strikes "achieved their ob… https://t.co/2LRMXLZzN1

@daily_politics (BBC Daily Politics a) tweeted:

"There probably is enough evidence to have him in The Hague, the question is when and how do we get him there"… https://t.co/sfzuVxgnjk

@DamonMercy (Tinker) tweeted:

Fecking irony of war hawks claiming there's no evidence that "rebels" may have used chemical weapons. #bbcdp

@nja5 (noel jon pleb) tweeted:

Theresa May & her Tories tell us there's no magic money tree, but finds millions to call a GE then finds a BILLION… https://t.co/mqptJgv

@esimeat (esimeat) tweeted:

Nutters- there’s no evidence #Assad did do it... in military terms it makes no sense for him to do this that’s all… https://t.co/sE88ZtqMeY

@BriefcaseMike (Briefcase Michael) tweeted:

Corbyn raised the #Windrush issue weeks ago at #PMQs to no avail. Only now Tory MPs & commentators are piling in ha… https://t.co/Diefmu

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