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@JasonDauphinee (Jason Dauphinee) tweeted:

How technology can help scale your brands #visualidentity #dmwf world series https://t.co/HHE9UTPkeW https://t.co/UXmykZrPsD

@GlenGilmore (Glen Gilmore ) tweeted:

JOIN US in #London

@oisinlunny (Oisin Lunny) tweeted:

“Your personal social brand is the new business card” @MarkAbrami @sageuk at #DMWF https://t.co/tUeoUl9u1F

@katchittenden (Katherine Chittenden) tweeted:

Better engagement using mid-tier influencers! I have been saying this for years!

@GlenGilmore (Glen Gilmore ) tweeted:

Influencers create great content! ~ Joe Krawczyk @indaHash #DMWF #InfluencerMarketing #contentmarketing https://t.co/pbIMKLHyxt

@MarkAbrami (Mark Abrami) tweeted:

Enjoyed presenting on our @sageuk #EmployeeAdvocacy this morning at #DMWF. Always a pleasure sharing knowledge and… https://t.co/RP6WbiJIcd

@mw_digitalc (M W Digital Consulta) tweeted:

The ability of a tweet to change the world. Impactful & emotional. @josephlrice @Twitter #dmwf https://t.co/3avgJa53iM

@mw_digitalc (M W Digital Consulta) tweeted:

#veganism is growing & growing, by a relatively young crowd. @Twitter identified top vegan influencers... interesti… https://t.co/EWWAsf

@getadimo (Adimo) tweeted:

We're super excited to be @DigiMarketingWF today & tomorrow! Stand all set up & looking good. Psyched that our CEO… https://t.co/PTJ

@oisinlunny (Oisin Lunny) tweeted:

“Treat people well and they will spend more money with you” @Twitter’s @josephlrice on the value of social customer… https://t.co/tzTFPTQtxG

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