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@SenSherrodBrown (Sherrod Brown) tweeted:

.@paulkrugman agrees with Sherrod - companies must look at workers as more than a cost to be minimized. The idea th… https://t.co/4VVlKLjKkD

@tedlieu (Ted Lieu) tweeted:

About to speak at the #CAPIdeas Conference! https://t.co/jsXhXhK514

@NiallStanage (Niall Stanage) tweeted:

'@SenSherrodBrown at #CAPIdeas on working voters. — "Rust Belt" tag "diminishes what we are and it demeans what we… https://t.co/UHecm3kcHf

@cmclymer (Charlotte Clymer) tweeted:

"If anyone else would have submitted two failed security clearance forms, they would have been fired." -- @tedlieu,… https://t.co/CPihi8uEei

@fitndfit (Fit&Fit) tweeted:

What #KimJongUn needs to burn fat and turn into a hot guy! https://t.co/w16V6Gs6dz #weightloss #burnfat… https://t.co/TlTHz5qtup

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Despicable: VICE and Deadspin Reporter Jesse Farrar Tweets that First Lady Melania Trump is Dead… https://t.co/pAkp06I6Jy

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

.@JulianCastro talking about inclusive politics at #CAPIdeas https://t.co/nxK6V3a9xs

@amprog (American Progress) tweeted:

Thanks to @tonygoldwyn for his support and best wishes on our 15th anniversary- here's to many more years of… https://t.co/zVgjzAE7HZ

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#CAPIdeas because #Democrats are big on putting a literal ceiling on thought. Oxymoron inception.

@jennifer_fiore (Jennifer Fiore) tweeted:

“If we want more success stories like Michael Brown of Houston, then we can’t forget about Michael Brown of Ferguso… https://t.co/Ur5RweF8cu

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