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@EnjoyNature (Enjoy Nature ) tweeted:

Amazing Landscape of Kalsoy Lighthouse and Clouds in #FaroeIslands Denmark #Travel #Photo #Nature #Wilderness… https://t.co/hV9ExmHMWQ

@besttravelbook (BestTravelBook) tweeted:

Inspiration for your #Spring ☀️ travels #Annecy is beautiful city where a castle towers over the lakeside old town… https://t.co/eaywAuuylc

@jamescapetown (James Costello ) tweeted:

@hmsprotector @TedNguyen @MrScottEddy @FoursquareGuide @hotel303 @British_Airways @flysaa_care @localguides… https://t.co/NiwXuO2XOL

@SwissEmbassyKSA (Swiss Embassy Riyadh) tweeted:

قضاء إجازة الصيف في جبال الألب السويسرية تجربة رائعة ومميزة بحيرة أوشينن Oeschinen (أوشيننسي Oeschinensee) في منطقة… https://t.co/RqAVl7pmIG

@3Boys_OldLady (Tomi @3Boys_OldLady) tweeted:

Forks up

@be_the_spark (Jaimie Admans) tweeted:

Need some spring sunshine? ☀️ Escape to The Little Wedding Island where all marriages end happily ever after!

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Happy #TravelTuesday #TravelTribe! I'm getting pumped for my trip to LA in July! Tell me where you're going. I need… https://t.co/XElBavzghW

@TravelGround (TravelGround) tweeted:

Travelling soon? These terrific travel apps will add great value to your trip! https://t.co/jmoWZlXdbG… https://t.co/mZ1owdl40F

@TSBCanada (TSB of Canada) tweeted:

#TravelTuesday Lessen the effects of severe turbulence. Wear your seatbelt to protect yourself from the forces of n… https://t.co/IOCTMRUUoV

@ta_community (Tracommy) tweeted:

#TravelTuesday greetings. Keep #travelling

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