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@Johnsense38 (Gaping Fart Hole) tweeted:

What are you doing on a Knight like this? #RoyalPickUpLines

@DaSkrambledEgg (David E) tweeted:

Wanna see my family jewels? #RoyalPickUpLines

@SheaBrowning (Shea Browning) tweeted:

I'm a William on the streets-- But a Harry in the sheets. #RoyalPickUpLines

@FastLaugh (FastLaugh) tweeted:

#RoyalPickUpLines Helloooooo! https://t.co/Ij7ENeV4OS

@craigflynn1 (craig onetweetwonder) tweeted:

Does one frequent this location often?#RoyalPickUpLines

@Dreamweasel (Dreamweasel) tweeted:

Are you my second cousin once removed or are you just happy to see me #RoyalPickUpLines

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

My palace or your palace? #RoyalPickUpLines

@WeeklyHumorist (Weekly Humorist) tweeted:

#RoyalPickUpLines So what we’re first cousins. @paul_lander

@KattFunny (Katt Funny) tweeted:

#RoyalPickUpLines Ever had Prince Albert in the can?

@80sjams () tweeted:

#RoyalPickUpLines Check out this royal scepter!

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