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Trend time: Mon Jun 04, 2018
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@MST_AlleNews (Motorsport-Total.com) tweeted:

Graham Rahal nach Unfall in Detroit ratlos #IndyCar #DetroitGP https://t.co/mLBcMUBzdr https://t.co/pVfT1pjp6t

@IndyCar (NTT INDYCAR SERIES) tweeted:

.@robertwickens P1

@charlie_whiting (Fake Charlie Whiting) tweeted:

Selling cars is easier than driving them. #DetroitGP https://t.co/dzyTjNrYJc

@Heikki_360 (Xabier Sánchez) tweeted:

Pues no va el Pace Car y se estrella en la carrera de la @IndyCar en el #DetroitGP... https://t.co/k1OuEpKPaq

@fralvarezr (Francisco Alvarez) tweeted:


@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Crash du Pace Car en Indycar lors du tour de formation du GP de Détroit

@Wing_Nut13 (Chris Arnett) tweeted:

FOR SALE: Brand new Corvette for sale. No water damage, low miles, minor scratches on the nose, @IndyCar #pacecar… https://t.co/jlMv7QWucN

@HollySmith521 (Holly Smith) tweeted:

That was quick... #DetroitGp #IndyCar #PaceCarProblems #PaceCarWrecks https://t.co/hOnuC77Oe9

@IMS (Indianapolis Motor S) tweeted:

@IndyCar (NTT INDYCAR SERIES) tweeted:

At long last.

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