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Trend time: Fri Jul 06, 2018
Trend location: Melbourne / Australia
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@McLarenF1 (McLaren) tweeted:

Pens, microphones and cameras at the ready.

@McLarenF1 (McLaren) tweeted:

You might notice that our garage looks a little different this weekend.

@Mobil1TheGrid (Mobil 1 The Grid) tweeted:

Paradise – @LewisHamilton has won his home #GrandPrix in all four of his World #Championship-winning seasons. #F1… https://t.co/Qo2kIqeDKw

@IsaacPrice99 (Isaac Price) tweeted:

Track walk, Reaction tests, fitness tests and the highlight of the my day, the pitstop challenge. Day 2 of the F1 E… https://t.co/a0fw4GnoBs

@SilverstoneUK (Silverstone) tweeted:

@SilverstoneUK (Silverstone) tweeted:

You already knew this but @CroftyF1 wanted to confirm.... ITS COMING HOME!!

@SilverstoneUK (Silverstone) tweeted:

The entertainment gets back underway on the main stage very shortly starting with our 80s lycra party!!

@SilverstoneUK (Silverstone) tweeted:

Did we mention that the entertainment is FREE this evening?! Come and join us at the main stage! #BritishGP #F1

@LHamiltonPL (LHamilton.PL) tweeted:

#BritishGP https://t.co/Zxqf3d53yQ

@alfaromeoracing (Alfa Romeo Racing OR) tweeted:

We can safely say that today's seat check with Marcus went awesomely

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