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@ChouinardJahant (collidingwithscience) tweeted:

It’s Thursday PLN- jump into so me chats tonight

@Skymazef3 (Heulwen) tweeted:

#whatisschool a1 video is my jam. It allows for so much is so small a space. Yet I appreciate viewing most other cr… https://t.co/prLpF2yoQw

@art_cathyhunt (Cathy Hunt ) tweeted:

#WhatIsSchool https://t.co/aYXQwrE8Ph

@DrJacieMaslyk (Jacie Maslyk) tweeted:

Creativity is celebrated in our schools. So many great tools to tinker with and bring imagination to life!… https://t.co/I8q3QROJOM

@PledgeCents (PledgeCents) tweeted:

Bring current events, authentic voices and engaging non-fiction stories to the classroom w/ @listenwiselearn!… https://t.co/ZX4F43G7gl

@art_cathyhunt (Cathy Hunt ) tweeted:

These are great ideas, guys. And the wonderful thing about art his you can share the process and products, the insp… https://t.co/R9msFswzAl

@ChouinardJahant (collidingwithscience) tweeted:

#whatisschool The main way I stay creative- never carve anything into stone- I always look for a new way to do thin… https://t.co/DbUQxfXU4y

@larubain (Laura Bain) tweeted:

A4: If anyone has a solution for this let me know. I feel like all my creativity is sucked away during the term.… https://t.co/GHXlJKiT8t

@DrJacieMaslyk (Jacie Maslyk) tweeted:

#Makerspaces are a wonderful way to bring learners together as a creative community and make! #whatisschool https://t.co/AaNCmCAq60

@valerietilton (Valerie Tilton) tweeted:

Thank you my creative and inspiring #WhatIsSchool PLN! You keep me motivated and encouraged! https://t.co/W5tcfcEtN9

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