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Trend time: Fri Sep 14, 2018
Trend location: Minneapolis / United States
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@Jazzypuff () tweeted:

RT @garthbrooks: Be a part of history! ONE NIGHT ONLY! #GARTHatND tickets ON SALE NOW https://t.co/KG6v9YapU4 -Team Garth https://t.co/gR…

@SeymourAngel (Writer Girl) tweeted:

RT @garthbrooks: HOLY COW @NotreDame! I can’t believe how you all showed up for this!!! With YOU there, October 20th is going to be an AWES…

@ShannonMarkos (Shannon Markos) tweeted:

@garthbrooks I having to work today I thought all hope was lost for me coming to see you in ND#! Thank you to my b… https://t.co/4FKl3V8RKH

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