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@tarynoneill (Taryn O'Neill) tweeted:

And... officially submitted LIVE, my 1st short film as a writer / director, to @sundancefest. (Luckily I had an exp… https://t.co/r6300AvdH9

@IWMYMfilm (I Will Make You Mine) tweeted:

It's #FemaleFilmmakerFriday & we're almost at 50% funding - thanks to our backers @amyhillactor @commissaryLA… https://t.co/FnlZanDJzd

@nxylouris (Nikos Xylouris ) tweeted:

RT @EvaLongoria: The landmark 1973 US Supreme Court abortion case Roe v. Wade is once again at a crossroads. Reversing Roe is now streaming…

@The7thMatrix (The 7th Matrix) tweeted:

In Darken, you stop aging + no longer feel pain, hunger, or thirst. You don't die. But WHAT is Darken? Experience '… https://t.co/bEA4jQEcMp

@iAmRobbyHoffman ((((Robby Hoffman)))) tweeted:

RT @AllyPankiw: My feature script, 'The Hiding House' (which I developed through the @filmindependent Directing Lab this year), advanced to…

@gregpak (Greg Pak) tweeted:

RT @IWMYMfilm: It's #FemaleFilmmakerFriday & we're almost at 50% funding - thanks to our backers @amyhillactor @commissaryLA @camilleman

@WWfilmchallenge (Women's Weekend Film) tweeted:

Each of our crews for the 2nd Women's Weekend Film Challenge is named after a talented and successful female filmma… https://t.co/2M3UT7hmg2

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