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Trend time: Fri Sep 14, 2018
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

"bby, i don't come to your house now, how about we video call?" J&J #ikonicselcaday #iKONNIV3RSARY https://t.co/bfIWPxM5Zi

@_BBoKoo (뽀쿠) tweeted:

#iKONNIV3RSARY 3주년 너무너무 축하드려요❤️

@koi_meaw (adore 찬) tweeted:

บ็อบบี้มาทวิตครบรอบ3ปี พร้อมลงท้ายว่าdear friendsอีกแล้วบอกแล้วไงไม่เป็นเพื่อนอะจะเป็นเมีย #iKONNIV3RSARY… https://t.co/hVaQ6zbDsm

@iKONGRAPHIC (아이콘그래픽) tweeted:

iKON GRAPHIC GIVEAWAY To celebrate iKON 3RD Anniversary ♥ We are giving out small gift to worldwide iKONICs ♥… https://t.co/5S6LVKqLz2

@jundiva_ (ranahanin) tweeted:

Jinhwan: we're singers!! Bobby: no, not yet.. Jinhwan: we're singers now!!

@urpvctside (rya ♘) tweeted:

"Kau membuat ku berantakan, kau membuat ku tak karuan @tkwpcnfak "

@dreamliner0211 (dzany) tweeted:

High five since day one with love #iKONNIV3RSARY #iKONICSelcaDay #iKONIC #iKON https://t.co/RKwz7Zm42J

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Gracias por llegar a mi vida y hacerme tan feliz, no se dan una idea de lo mucho que los amo. Se esforzaron mucho p… https://t.co/xe4va6bXUY

@syh_bae (에라ish) tweeted:

3 years!! Because of iKONIC who were there with us for all those years, we can grow up beautifully. As much as you… https://t.co/PIN5KC9CwY

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Chanwoo: To fans who've given love for the past 3 years, thank you very very much. Please take care of me for the n… https://t.co/dNKY4NvFfl

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