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@ellie_henman (Ellie Henman) tweeted:


@Mossbird (Mossbird) tweeted:

‘I’d rather not be addressing this public’ Perhaps you shouldn’t have been snogging someone who wasn’t your girlfri… https://t.co/3Orw5NT3yM

@slinehan1 (Siobhan #DinahAndOll) tweeted:

I totally and completely believe in @seannwalsh and @Mrs_katjones 's apologies and I'm totally behind them. I will… https://t.co/JCY0aFNIGg

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Seann & Katya walking off the #ItTakesTwo set. Got Away With That. https://t.co/DWNZjCP4nw

@LinziRainbow (Linzi Rainbow) tweeted:

#ItTakesTwo what an ambarrasment Sean and Katya are. Fully grown adults using drink as an excuse for being devoid o… https://t.co/oukAOLK6D0

@_mindful111 (Michael McC) tweeted:

Weirdly we are holding a comedian and a professional dancer to a higher standard than someone who was foreign secre… https://t.co/CfFKgWEcoC

@allisonpearson (Allison Pearson) tweeted:

Incredibly glum interview with ashen, penitent Seann and Katya on #ItTakesTwo @bbcstrictly Enough already. They did… https://t.co/senthw0E4o

@TVGeekOnline (TV Geek Online ) tweeted:

Seann and Katya addressed THAT kiss on tonight's #ItTakesTwo

@Gabi_Jones (Gabrielle Jones) tweeted:

Very disappointing that @bbcstrictly are allowing Seann Walsh a platform from which to deny allegations of gaslight… https://t.co/OVkT6iIfGC

@cjpm21 (Christopher Reilly) tweeted:

Just a question... why is Rebecca’s take on the relationship taken as gospel but Seann’s is mocked and not believed… https://t.co/ilkEEI9WtG

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