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@Phil16723 (Phil Landsberg) tweeted:

Clockwise #SimpleWaysToUnwind @WhimsyTags

@jswilliams1962 (Scott Williams) tweeted:

Flip off random strangers in rush hour traffic #SimpleWaysToUnwind

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#SimpleWaysToUnwind “Listen to some jazz while bathing” https://t.co/qT6i9yBY47

@MrRaceBannon (Mister Race Bannon) tweeted:

A belly rub #SimpleWaysToUnwind https://t.co/NUOUHqgIyo

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#SimpleWaysToUnwind become a slinky

@theclobra (Brandon Cloud) tweeted:

Have someone tell you to relax. That always seems to help. #SimpleWaysToUnwind

@theclobra (Brandon Cloud) tweeted:

Masturbation. (Just not in front of other people without their consent.) #SimpleWaysToUnwind

@ZarrarSalahPTI (Lord Z - Your Guardi) tweeted:

#SimpleWaysToUnwind Sweet sweet love...

@ajsweetsoap (ajsweetsoap) tweeted:

Get a makeover #SimpleWaysToUnwind https://t.co/wNxRJzzTWt

@theugleetruth (Jamie- Uglee Truth P) tweeted:

Hide from your children #SimpleWaysToUnwind https://t.co/7u41YUhswe

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