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@_Katiebyy69 (♠️°ǝᴉʇɐʞ°♠️) tweeted:

Ignore everyone....Retreat into your own little world #SimpleWaysToUnwind

@Emmabel44506803 () tweeted:

#SimpleWaysToUnwind Music, it will take you places you need to go. X https://t.co/WDnG2Vyn70

@sunkisseeddd (Dana) tweeted:

RT @horrormovietalk: #SimpleWaysToUnwind Watch a horror movie!

@JamChrisJoy (Victor Overall) tweeted:

RT @MrRaceBannon: A belly rub #SimpleWaysToUnwind https://t.co/NUOUHqgIyo

@sunkisseeddd (Dana) tweeted:

RT @JenTusch: #SimpleWaysToUnwind the odometer. https://t.co/8EwInZNFnm

@sunkisseeddd (Dana) tweeted:

RT @callummccrae1: #SimpleWaysToUnwind Sleep

@sunkisseeddd (Dana) tweeted:

RT @Gamzplayah: Bake some cookies. #SimpleWaysToUnwind https://t.co/7XvtRp33K9

@JamChrisJoy (Victor Overall) tweeted:

RT @GetChaLifeYet: #SimpleWaysToUnwind “Listen to some jazz while bathing” https://t.co/qT6i9yBY47

@MSayDidntDidIt (Michal Say) tweeted:

Spliff, shower, bed. #SimpleWaysToUnwind

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Read a book #SimpleWaysToUnwind

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