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@DanielAshley13 (I'm Just Dan) tweeted:

#SimpleWaysToUnwind Walk along a beach at sunset

@DanielAshley13 (I'm Just Dan) tweeted:

#SimpleWaysToUnwind A hot shower

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @ZarrarSalahPTI: #SimpleWaysToUnwind Sweet sweet love...

@JamChrisJoy (Victor Overall) tweeted:

RT @theclobra: Have someone tell you to relax. That always seems to help. #SimpleWaysToUnwind

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#SimpleWaysToUnwind take a long drive while listening to your favourite music...

@sunkisseeddd (Dana) tweeted:

RT @Just_Chill_N: #SimpleWaysToUnwind In Breath, Out Breath #Repeat

@JamChrisJoy (Victor Overall) tweeted:

RT @shawnkeefe74: #SimpleWaysToUnwind become a slinky

@JorgeOrtizActor (Jorge Ortiz) tweeted:

#SimpleWaysToUnwind Reading a good Hollywood industry blog like "Chasing The George" on #Wordpress

@RC91681842 (Cuban Bot) tweeted:

#SimpleWaysToUnwind I let my inner freak loss. https://t.co/xCXZmUmL6Y

@dwjauthor (David J. Writes) tweeted:

Doodling #SimpleWaysToUnwind

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