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@Flipkart (Flipkart) tweeted:

There’s just 3 hours left for #TheBigBillionDays smartphone sale! The best brands for the best prices starting 12AM… https://t.co/XL1GkgrOS6

@NSaina (Saina Nehwal) tweeted:

Dekho, if you are planning to buy a new phone then #AajKiRaat on @Flipkart #TheBigBillionDays is the best time.Toni… https://t.co/EYhBSPDDcm

@Flipkart (Flipkart) tweeted:

Massive response for our #AajKiRaat contest so far! Increase your chance of winning, show us your reaction for the… https://t.co/fqpRiNo6tJ

@Flipkart (Flipkart) tweeted:

We're almost there! Just 2 hours left before the #TheBigBillionDays Mobiles sale! What phone are you thinking about… https://t.co/bIv3PnctDr

@Flipkart (Flipkart) tweeted:

The best offers on smartphones are coming your way tonight! Use #AajKiRaat and show us what your reaction would be… https://t.co/0Ez4YGALhx

@IndiaPOCO (POCO India) tweeted:

BOOM! We bet no one can beat this offer! Planning to buy a #POCOF1 in the @Flipkart's #BigBillionDay sale? Share y… https://t.co/iyewcsGSWv

@SGanguly99 (Sourav Ganguly) tweeted:

Flipkart has really impressed me with all the offers so far.. you guys must check out flipkarts #TheBigBillionDays… https://t.co/2VNtA3jUeS

@Flipkart (Flipkart) tweeted:

Best brands at best prices on #TheBigBillionDays smartphone sale on the 11th! Use #AajKiRaat and show us what your… https://t.co/9eV8cO7bje

@Flipkart (Flipkart) tweeted:

So close! The countdown begins - 1 hour left for the #TheBigBillionDays Mobiles Sale! What are you buying?… https://t.co/pigk2oInk3

@NishantJain_88 (Nishant Jain) tweeted:


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