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@environmentca (Environment Canada) tweeted:

Canada is proud to be part of the 2018 #IllegalWildlifeTrade Conference.

@wwf_uk (WWF UK) tweeted:

Tackling corruption, improving prosecution & stopping the ivory trade. We're calling on global leaders to… https://t.co/B6UJxq4J2O

@premierleague (Premier League) tweeted:

It has to stop. Premier League stars past and present unite to share the message that together we can… https://t.co/qfpekSU3yC

@CITES (CITES) tweeted:

#ICCWC is at #IWT18 in #London this week highlighting the collaborative effort of @CITES, @INTERPOL_HQ, @UNODC,… https://t.co/uRQO98QID6

@ZSLconservation (ZSL Conservation) tweeted:

Today sees the start of the #IWTConference2018 in London which brings together global leaders to build on previous… https://t.co/enD0UUEmEF

@UNODC (UN Office on Drugs &) tweeted:


@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT@CITES #ICCWC is at #IWT18 in #London this week highlighting the collaborative effort of @CITES, @INTERPOL_HQ,… https://t.co/xvkOms0XH6

@UNEnvironment (UN Environment) tweeted:

The UK has committed to ban ivory, and we want other countries to do the same. RT if you want elephants to survive… https://t.co/F7nfoUpG4X

@DomJermey (Dominic Jermey) tweeted:

“Some of the rhinos I’ve seen have more bodyguards than I do....” HRH The Duke of Cambridge calls out the obscenity… https://t.co/Ds2Q6canL5

@WildAct_vn (WildAct) tweeted:

"IWT must be recognised as a serious organised crime" - The Duke of Cambridge #EndWildlifeCrime #iwt2018 https://t.co/PjEXBeOssD

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