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Trend time: Wed Nov 07, 2018
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@CAPMohan (Chowkidar Non conver) tweeted:

it feel like living under a foreign rule worse than the british @PMOIndia #CrackerBan https://t.co/I0E6KOpy1x

@dna (DNA) tweeted:

#CapitalGasps: #CrackerBan may not help as air likely to retain 'severe' tag https://t.co/rksKmYmKsX by @NGhanekar https://t.co/KlYpYDGREe

@KyaUkhaadLega (The-Lying-Lama 2.0) tweeted:

That’s Delhiites telling the SC “Abhi bhi time hai, #CrackerBan remove karo..” https://t.co/WNRWcBe7ZX

@coolfunnytshirt (Keh Ke Peheno) tweeted:

Everybody including the milords knew this.. #Crackerban was always the escapist route and the easiest way out for a… https://t.co/sc0z3dEvWf

@Rosmondy (Rose Mondy) tweeted:

#CrackerBan is the brain child of Hinduphobic and anti-India forces. They wanted to kill the custom,but won't raise… https://t.co/qDThsd75IM

@ajayacharya (Chowkidar Ajay Achar) tweeted:

Looks like the Bangalore folks don't care for the sentiments of the MiLords who didn't care for the sentiments of t… https://t.co/ld4eakpHVt

@DOCTORATLARGE (The Bad Doctor) tweeted:

This Diwali has proved one thing: The best way to promote greater use of something is to ban it #CrackerBan

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

10:35pm and I can safely say the public has given a massive

@YRDeshmukh (Yashwant Deshmukh) tweeted:

So it's well past the crackers deadline , can you tell me what exactly is happening around you at the moment? #YRDpoll #CrackerBan

@SirJadeja (Sir Jadeja fan) tweeted:

It's 10.40pm. Supreme Court's #CrackerBan Is Clearly Working. We Can Hear It Out Loud. Milaad Must Be Crying Green… https://t.co/tCxtdoRRT8

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