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@ErinLea7 (RiotGrl) tweeted:

BiShoop #ChessSongTitles

@fivefortweeting (Justinnn) tweeted:

#ChessSongTitles Bishop Better Have My Money ❤️ https://t.co/4Lkco50Ovk

@renvpeters (Renard Peters) tweeted:

#ChessSongTitles Rook the Casbah

@TheHashtagGame (The Hashtag Game - D) tweeted:

Let's see some more #ChessSongTitles with @MidweekMinute hosted by @WillPresti

@retroguygaming (CelesSteel) tweeted:

King of Wishful Thinking Killer Queen 99 Problems (But the Bishop one) One more Knight The Rook of Love Pawn to be Wild #ChessSongTitles

@JDWilkinsonII (I Can't Drive 4.5) tweeted:

Board In The USA #ChessSongTitles @MidweekMinute @WillPresti

@weirdsavant (Weird Savant) tweeted:

Knights in white passin' #ChessSongTitles

@JDWilkinsonII (I Can't Drive 4.5) tweeted:

Rook Me Amadeus #ChessSongTitles @MidweekMinute @WillPresti

@mudcaulks (david r.) tweeted:

#ChessSongTitles The Knight Has a Thousand Eyes

@RacerX393 (Tempus Fuckit! Gene) tweeted:

Ebony and Ivory. #ChessSongTitles

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