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@JonCookVML (Jon Cook) tweeted:

Thanks for the great interview / discussion as always ⁦@AndreaNordgren⁩ ⁦@3PercentConf⁩ #3percentconf #BRINGIT https://t.co/We9IkwQoJo

@femmesencrea (Femmes en créa) tweeted:

How to be more creative? Hire the misfits, hire people you don’t like, #diversity. Wisdom from the #3percentconf #bringit

@my_julianna (Julianna Abena) tweeted:

"Almost 80% of black people go to work with fear that they/loved ones are in danger. It happens for other poc manag… https://t.co/BDlx99NfQ5

@femmesencrea (Femmes en créa) tweeted:

How to be more creative? Let them cry. Being emotional is a strength. Don’t judge them, let them feel, defend them,… https://t.co/wCM0jscyka

@SallieStacker (Sallie Stacker) tweeted:

It's done. It's beautiful. And hopefully it will start a conversation. If you're at #3percentconf make sure you che… https://t.co/V7vS6mi4Wx

@Mr_McFly (⭐ Gary J. Nix: BRAND) tweeted:

"White women, YOU are the most powerful minority in moving inclusion forward, Make sure you you bring a woman of co… https://t.co/MtcU9Ml31M

@rivetingpics (LG) tweeted:

DANG @Wade_Davis28 !! Women need to mentor men To change their leadership styles. He brought it. #BringIt #3percentconf @3PercentConf

@Imali_h (Imali Hettiarachchi) tweeted:

We are burdening people of difference to solve a diversity problem that they didn’t create - @Wade_Davis28

@zissimos (John Zissimos) tweeted:

RT @3PercentConf: The face you make when you encourage women to talk about money and also make two dick jokes in front of 1300 people. (We…

@zissimos (John Zissimos) tweeted:

RT @cathcamchatter: At the #3percentconf on the Creative Director track, and this, one of the first slides is music to my eyes. Couldn’t ag…

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