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Trend time: Sat Nov 10, 2018
Trend location: Munich / Germany
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@Miastogier (Miastogier) tweeted:

#BattlefieldV już w przyszłym tygodniu, a dzisiaj opublikowano najnowsze screeny w jakości 4K. Nie widzieliśmy lep… https://t.co/hHlB7YKlav

@gamecubeslayer (Just) tweeted:

RT @Nyxi117: In honor of @Battlefield being so kick ass, I'm giving away 1 @XBOX Deluxe copy of #Battlefield

@xXChampersXx (Champers) tweeted:

RT @bfnations: We talked to @tiggr_ during the #BattlefieldV launch event! Launching Battlefield V, differences between Premium Pass and th…

@JankowskiPat (Patryk Jankowski ) tweeted:

#BattlefieldV w 4K? Rozwalacz systemów! https://t.co/mDrWooRTWR

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