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Trend time: Sat Nov 10, 2018
Trend location: Orlando / United States
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@PeteMarshallLaw (Pete Marshall) tweeted:

They announced the player who collapsed is sophomore Dylan Dickey. The game has been postponed to Saturday at 7 pm… https://t.co/Ju4APmAAAI

@InlandFieldhaus (InlandFieldhouse) tweeted:

In #Riverside for #BreaOlindaHS vs. #NorteVistaHS in #CIFSS Division 9 quarterfinal game. Kickoff set for 7:45pm PT… https://t.co/NraOrIqDAy

@JHWreporter (James H. Williams) tweeted:

Riverside @ND_TitanFB and San Jacinto going back and forth here. San Jacinto leads Notre Dame 15-14 with 10:31 left… https://t.co/ifGOBDDRqt

@DennisPope (Dennis Pope) tweeted:

RT @InlandFieldhaus: In #Riverside for #BreaOlindaHS vs. #NorteVistaHS in #CIFSS Division 9 quarterfinal game. Kickoff set for 7:45pm PT. F…

@JHWreporter (James H. Williams) tweeted:

Tyler Mosley runs into the end zone and gives Riverside @ND_TitanFB a 20-15 lead over San Jacinto. PAT no good.… https://t.co/72XGfYh6ZV

@DaftyInCali (C.J. Daft) tweeted:

Widener completes 2-yard TD pass to Pedroza. AV 14, Glendora 13, 4:11 2Q #IEVarsity

@PeteMarshallLaw (Pete Marshall) tweeted:

Illingworth to Ott 17 TD. Norco 21, Upland 14 #IEvarsity 1:56 2nd

@CJackson_33 (Chris Jackson) tweeted:

Eagles up on the Tigers of Chaffey 14-0 at the half in second round @CIFSS action. Let’s close it out!! #IKEMOB… https://t.co/9DvGoh8u2O

@PeteMarshallLaw (Pete Marshall) tweeted:

Davis 55 TD run. Upland 21, Norco 21 :36.1 2nd #IEvarsity

@JHWreporter (James H. Williams) tweeted:

Jaiden Roe of Riverside Notre Dame with the INT in the endzone. #IEvarsity updates: https://t.co/7jX5H0zKqy https://t.co/pfU7ABnP0V

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