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@RaviKapoor (Ravi Kapoor) tweeted:

NATCON acts as a platform where the expert and naive interior designers alike get the stage to meticulously discuss… https://t.co/ogWoJ4TgpN

@SushilKashyap01 (Deshbhakt Sushil K K) tweeted:

IIID originated from Mumbai and now has its foothold in 31 cities across India and are continuously expanding to re… https://t.co/gucy9GENI6

@Being_Akbar_ (Being Akbar) tweeted:

With over 8000 registered members, IIID is the largest designing fraternity in India and creates a thoughtful impac… https://t.co/mgyGqrQgjf

@ramramji666 (krishna kumari ) tweeted:

Over the last 46 years, IIID has established itself as the most impactful society of Interior Goa, a place loved by… https://t.co/7CYb6BYzes

@ramramji666 (krishna kumari ) tweeted:

IIID has been catalysing breakthrough innovations in the field of interior designing through to learn the traditi… https://t.co/RvObPu1QeT

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Great session where big names share their ideas and thoughts #IIIDNATCON18 @iiidnatcon18 https://t.co/Q43tF6lU2g

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Do you know Fabric Installation Workshop.' Say cheers to let us know that you liked it #IIIDNATCON18 @iiidnatcon18

@viveklkw (Vivek Agnihotri) tweeted:

Witness India's biggest convention of Interior Designers and Architects. #IIIDNATCON18 brings to you the most compr… https://t.co/abq2lmbShL

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Wow guys Something exciting coming up #IIIDNATCON18 stay tuned @iiidnatcon18

@sujay_koner (Sujay Koner) tweeted:

Let's join and catch more updates about India's biggest convention of Interior Designers and Architects.… https://t.co/ZhLDO0cMOF

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