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@olympicchannel (Olympic Channel) tweeted:

⛸ @nathanwchen

@fang_minji () tweeted:

Congratulations to all medalists of GPF2018

@NickMcCarvel (Nick McCarvel) tweeted:

Nathan Chen has now won 9 of his last 10 events: 18 GPF 18 GP

@SkateCanada (Skate Canada / Patin) tweeted:

Senior Men final results / Résultats finaux des hommes senior :

@olympicchannel (Olympic Channel) tweeted:

“Before skating the free program and also during my morning practice I felt back to normal. So I was able to go int… https://t.co/CV0FZjrLh2

@olympicchannel (Olympic Channel) tweeted:

World champion @nathanwchen

@HollyJollyPaca (Holly @ stan ) tweeted:

RT @goldenskate:

@umanosuke3gou (卯之助) tweeted:

RT @ISU_Figure:

@drcstuff (2B-Dope-2C-Stuff) tweeted:

RT @TeamUSA: Skate America

@BurnOurGlories (Babeth) tweeted:

RT @ISU_Figure:

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