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Trend time: Sat Dec 08, 2018
Trend location: Leicester / United Kingdom
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@Karlosius (Karl Dyer) tweeted:

Freddie Prinze Jr introducing ToeJam and Earl! THIS FREAKIN' SHOWCASE! #KFGShowcase

@KindaFunnyVids (Kinda Funny) tweeted:

Looking for a 2D Rocket League? @Noodlecakegames' Motorball has you covered! #KFGShowcase https://t.co/RQY07N2Kns

@huey_games (Huey Games #IndieXma) tweeted:

WRECKOUT - our new game which just premiered LIVE on the #KFGShowcase ! #screenshotsaturday ***** #Discord >>>… https://t.co/293UPH

@KindaFunnyVids (Kinda Funny) tweeted:

#ProjectHardcore almost came out on the SEGA Genesis in 1994. It didn't. Now, it's coming to PS4 and Vita in 2019.… https://t.co/pep8AaviBf

@KindaFunnyVids (Kinda Funny) tweeted:

Who doesn't want to ride in a shopping cart with a goat? #SupermarketShriek #KFGShowcase https://t.co/FDDJlZEzH3

@MarinoV1 (Brad Lynch) tweeted:

Okay, NOW it's a Kinda Funny show. #KFGShowcase https://t.co/7C6VfcI2oi

@Adrien_Drik (Adrien Dugué) tweeted:

RT @KindaFunnyVids: Looking for a feel good FPS? Look at @AWAY_TheGame and it's new release date! #KFGShowcase https://t.co/cws2IyHBsG

@RobertParizek (Robert ) tweeted:

RT @KindaFunnyVids: Wanna see Conan mess some people up? Of course you do. Here's the announcement trailer for @ConanUnconquered! #KFGShowc…

@Davesterio (Dave) tweeted:

RT @LimitedRunGames: It's time to climb Celeste Mountain.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @messengergame: In case you missed it during the #KFGShowcase, we just announced new groovy DLC! Picnic Panic is coming in 2019 on PC/Sw…

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