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Trend time: Sat Dec 08, 2018
Trend location: Brighton / United Kingdom
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@littleliterally () tweeted:

The fact that my future children will never know the struggle of having to wake up BEFORE 11am to get a McDonald’s… https://t.co/e8rt8WI0mN

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

McDonald’s Manager sucking dick on her lunch break

@ItsFoodPorn (FoodPorn) tweeted:

McDonald's French Fries. https://t.co/FMWDH62k2O

@AlisonLeiby (Alison Leiby) tweeted:

CONTROVERSIAL (??) FRY RANKING: 1. curly 2. thin/mcdonald's style 3. waffle 4. shoestring 5. a raw potato 6. steak

@fakeGAINER (●■fakeGAINER ●■●■●■●) tweeted:

#CanadaCupOfCurling advertising dominated by https://t.co/yN6SRplJBe and Home Hardware commercials. What du fuq ha… https://t.co/asu3qaoMgb

@Urtusuaztegui (araaa) tweeted:

Sí hoy comiste en el McDonald's que está sobre insurgentes frente a parque hundido, eres médico o enfermero y salis… https://t.co/keBqB6NwdK

@ViraMumbai (Vira International) tweeted:

Johnny Rockets KSA: BOH requirements - 11, Cooks Grill/ Fry QSR: 11 (Salary SR 1100 + 250). The ideal candidate fo… https://t.co/ww9Xy7aliT

@Acuna008 (Acuna) tweeted:

McDonald's Classic Basketball Tournament Championship games start at 12:30 @YsletaISD @DVHSYISD https://t.co/j71smLyTOJ

@conquestjournal (DV Digital Media Pro) tweeted:

Sports Production Crew working the McDonald’s Classic Basketball Tournament 2018 - Day 1 https://t.co/oZxuPvneaF

@MeachDatNigga_ (Simba !) tweeted:

I’m boutta go to McDonald’s and get a dollar any size drink , then to Burger King and get a whopper for a penny, an… https://t.co/pdQUa7J1k3

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