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Trend time: Sat Dec 08, 2018
Trend location: Liverpool / United Kingdom
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@13amgames (13AM Games) tweeted:

Hey everyone! Don’t miss out watching @KindaFunnyVids #KFGShowcase for a bit of #DoubleCrossGame and more awesome g… https://t.co/hsHN4adv9L

@wraithgames (Wraith Games) tweeted:

There it was! You see #Collapsus on #KFGShowcase?

@andrearene (Andrea Rene @ #DICE1) tweeted:

Boyfriend Dungeon!! Expect a stream of this on @WhatsGood_Games next year #KFGShowcase

@astridrosemarin (ᴀꜱᴛʀɪᴅ ʀᴏꜱᴇᴍᴀʀɪɴ) tweeted:

RT @KindaFunnyVids: Uh, @AFoldApart is a GORGEOUS game about long distance relationships. If that doesn't interest you, I don't know if we…

@jtwilson (Jerrett Wilson) tweeted:

RT @KindaFunnyVids: Uh, Rival Megagun looks awesome, and by following us and retweeting this post, you're entered to win the game and a Swi…

@WayOfTheQuay (Chris Quay) tweeted:

RT @wraithgames: There it was! You see #Collapsus on #KFGShowcase?

@ThatBShar (Brian 'BShar' Sharon) tweeted:

Was just remarking how cute A Fold Apart looked and then o realized it was from @LRGthunder games Even more excite… https://t.co/4HyOclyVIF

@KindaFunnyVids (Kinda Funny) tweeted:

Hey, PSVR fans, #FalconAge looks dope. #KFGShowcase https://t.co/ywjq92r2qA

@K1NGJ1M (James Cartlidge ) tweeted:

Right in the feels

@Onetrackpunk (Jon Layola) tweeted:

Wow, @AFoldApart Looks touching and sweet. #KFGShowcase https://t.co/jFjBzA6tBr

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