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Trend time: Tue Apr 14, 2015
Trend location: Darwin / Australia
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@Emphoto21 (Mrs. Em) tweeted:

Hazed and Confused @midnight #CollegeMovies

@CoreyHirsch (Corey Hirsch) tweeted:

Boys n the Hoodie #CollegeMovies @midnight

@detaniaansley (detaniaLAJ) tweeted:

Did you see

@AdamatBPN (Adam Regnew) tweeted:

28 Guys Later #CollegeMovies @midnight

@buckzollo (buckzollo) tweeted:

Debbie Does Calculus #CollegeMovies @midnight

@TheEliSteele (Bruce Winchill) tweeted:

DeVry Hard #CollegeMovies @midnight

@DLoIndustries (Dean Lopata ) tweeted:

The Beer Hunter #CollegeMovies @midnight

@aLicensetoJill (Jill⛄️) tweeted:

scanTRON #CollegeMovies @midnight

@MrTravisClark (Travis Clark Ⓥ) tweeted:

Finals Destination #CollegeMovies @midnight

@MitchEarnshaw (Mitch Earnshaw) tweeted:

Casablackout #CollegeMovies @midnight

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