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@soslalisa (jon) tweeted:

RT @lovatocharts: Everyone go follow @KehlaniCharts for all the news about #NightsLikeThis and don’t forget to buy and stream the song on a…

@suckmytetess (goplayavideogame) tweeted:

RT @AtlanticRecords: #NightsLikeThis -- @Kehlani ft. @tydollasign OUT NOW: https://t.co/w2KfV6Kdqq

@DEE_NASTEE () tweeted:

RT @musicnewsfact: .@Kehlani released a new single “#NightsLikeThis” featuring @tydollasign, stream: https://t.co/4gMz0eKc6b

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @kehlanisvenus: @Kehlani you DID THAT with #NightsLikeThis

@keyawnce ( madness. madness a) tweeted:

LGBTQ EYECON #NightsLikeThis

@rvlphyyy (Ralph) tweeted:

I just want to text you but for what... #NightsLikeThis

@iamisaacrene1 (Isaac René) tweeted:

@Kehlani #NightsLikeThis is about to be on repeat for a few weeks! K. Thaaaaanks babe!♥️

@YrMusicMyWorld (YourMusicMyWorld) tweeted:

@Kehlani releases her new video and song for #NightsLikeThis https://t.co/ZNTMWtdKRU https://t.co/ukGlsXW42s

@jovcm_ (ʟᴏᴠᴇ, ᴊᴠ.) tweeted:

RT @AtlanticRecords: #NightsLikeThis -- @Kehlani ft. @tydollasign OUT NOW: https://t.co/w2KfV6Kdqq

@CEFETECE (Camila) tweeted:

MEEEN @Kehlani HMU WIT THIS BOP #NightsLikeThis

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