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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @bardilonely: @PopCrave @troyesivan stream #NightsLikeThisMusicVideo #NightsLikeThis

@UteNDNRezGirl89 (Kim) tweeted:

“On some nights like this, shorty I cant help but think of us. Ive been, reminiscing, sippin, missing ya.. Can U, t… https://t.co/0N80rUvXL2

@joyridesusi (♡ susi) tweeted:

I listened to #NightsLikeThis for an entire hour on repeat

@space_needle (Space Needle) tweeted:

RT @yolo_gogo7: Last night at the top of the Space Needle~~

@onedgangbang () tweeted:

RT @kehlanisvenus: #NightsLikeThis is so fucking good!!

@_hxtlinezb (la zoë le fle) tweeted:

RT @YSBHDAILY: Kehlani featuring Ty$ out NOW! Find your streaming platform here: https://t.co/9kaS9NS3u2 #NightsLikeThis https://t.co/IV3…

@onedgangbang () tweeted:

RT @dearkehlani: Omg she fixed the robot just so the robot can turn around take and advantage of kehlanis love and drain her and take every…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Okay she snapped on this one. She did that. #NightsLikeThis

@onedgangbang () tweeted:

RT @AtlanticRecords: #NightsLikeThis -- @Kehlani ft. @tydollasign OUT NOW: https://t.co/w2KfV6Kdqq

@UteNDNRezGirl89 (Kim) tweeted:

“On some nights like this, I just wanna text U but for what?.. U gonna say U want me then gonna switch it up.. Just… https://t.co/7mrHqThgvN

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