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@rajamaka (Bharat Sanghvi) tweeted:

#BreakingNews just coming in that Alok Verma has been removed as CBI chief. #CBIBossSacked https://t.co/MKkUdhhsVo

@pradip103 (Pradeep Bhandari) tweeted:

Please note: CBI director has been removed after the consent of independent voice from judiciary. #CBIBossSacked

@sardesairajdeep (Rajdeep Sardesai) tweeted:

Alok Verma shunted out as CBI director.. out, in, out!! This is a revolving door where India’s premier investigatio… https://t.co/P1gdGwjHry

@sagarikaghose (Sagarika Ghose) tweeted:

How to accumulate and wield power and bring almost everyone and every institution to heel is one of the defining ch… https://t.co/9LtM8jwfNm

@pooraan_ (Prime Minister Rahul) tweeted:

The day #HALExposesModi Chor @narendramodiaa Sacked #AlokVerma in fear #CBIBossSacked #CBIChiefRemoved but no one… https://t.co/Rd3Rupw6AR

@Feignics (Feignics) tweeted:

Today Alok Verma shunted, tomorrow Rakesh Asthana will get clean chit from Delhi HC. If your blood doesn't boil a… https://t.co/uvxTCLNfDU

@hemanth_kgowda (Hemanth Krishne Gowd) tweeted:

Dear @narendramodi, With integrity, you have nothing to fear, but since you are guilty and dishonest, you will alwa… https://t.co/0gMDA61KCH

@LambaAlka (Alka Lamba) tweeted:

#पद ही तो लिया है , कोई #जान थोड़ेना ही ली है #साहेब ने। शुक्र मनाओ नही तो कब के #लोया हो गए होते। #CBIBossSacked

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Q : Why did you remove Raghuram Rajan? A : Nehru insulted Sardar Patel. Q : Why did you remove Urjit Patel? A : So… https://t.co/7fd2zJYNTJ

@ARanganathan72 (Anand Ranganathan) tweeted:

So Justice Sikri of the Supreme Court of India is an institution-breaking, Emergency-loving, lathi-wielding, knicke… https://t.co/9Vz8GQ9JDk

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