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@FingertipSol (Fingertip Solutions) tweeted:

It’s Friday and I’m just going to leave this here for you all to take in

@Vh1India (Vh1 India) tweeted:

Bringing Hip Hop back to life this #Vh1Friyay with @bep Ft. @Nas Back 2 HIPHOP! Tweet your requests & watch them o… https://t.co/HJ7jIY

@cobbydogdogfood (Cobbydog Dog Food) tweeted:

Treat your dog to our nutritious & delicious #ColdPressedDogFood 20% OFF with code: COLD20 Shop >… https://t.co/ftsqt5pOpR

@jamaisvupersona (ruh) tweeted:

@Vh1India Please play Mic Drop by @BTS_twt #Vh1India #Friyay #Back2HIPHOP

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@Vh1India @bep @Nas Please play #MicDrop by @BTS_twt #Vh1Friyay #Vh1India #Friyay #VH1

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@Vh1India @bep @Nas Please play Agust D by Agust D Airplane by JHOPE Seoul by RM @BTS_twt #Vh1India #Friyay #Back2HIPHO

@ThorleyTaverns (Thorley Taverns) tweeted:

Been back to work this week? Come & change your environment, let your hair down, enjoy music, drinks and a lively a… https://t.co/h9AJeT

@Real_Recruit_UK (Real_Recruitment_UK) tweeted:

Make sure everyone today has that #FridayFeeling today by sharing a smile #friyay #FridayMotivation #Smile https://t.co/enPrMGHscA

@Ethica11y_Vegan () tweeted:

@DomundiTV (ดูมันดิ: Domundi TV) tweeted:


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