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@francessolis_ (frances kaye) tweeted:

RT @J0SIAHTRAV1S: Remember Thraia’s thoughts about Annaliese?? #JonaxxWOTWKab30 https://t.co/JzIWvT4g93

@nievesolannas (ً) tweeted:

"I'm breaking up with you, Mr. Mercadejas" YUNG DAPAT MAIIYAK AKO SA LINE NA TO' PERO WALA AKONG MARAMDAMAN!! DAM… https://t.co/HQS9eC5zVq

@amanteschatty (chat) tweeted:


@francessolis_ (frances kaye) tweeted:

RT @Pedsmd_: OMG! Annaliese, you are my favorite jgirl na. Hahahahahaa! So fierce! Luvet!

@francessolis_ (frances kaye) tweeted:

RT @JonaxxFever: "Money indeed can't buy class. Money can't buy happiness. Money can't buy love.” PREACH!!!!! #JonaxxWOTWKab30

@carylle_geca () tweeted:

#JonaxxWOTWKab30 Savagee Anna Juarez!!

@amanteschatty (chat) tweeted:

RT @thejonaxxboys: Annaliese Tanja Juarez, the epitome of beauty, elegance and class. I am so speechless right now. #JonaxxWOTWKab30

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Gigil na si Doms niyan

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Praise for Annaliese Tanja Juarez! #JonaxxWOTWKab30 https://t.co/iCfxaaYjsw

@francessolis_ (frances kaye) tweeted:

RT @portiatorreaIba: who wouldn't love annaliese??? the savageness!!

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