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Trend time: Fri Jan 11, 2019
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@jeremycorbyn @robdelaney John McDonnell: "We've got to end the privatisation of the NHS. We're pouring money into… https://t.co/2NF9YK9I6B

@dozecat007 (Burger Zilla) tweeted:

The genius of mathematics is on #bbcaq tonight #bbcpm @lbc @bbcpm #Corbyn #Labour https://t.co/3ttzsGAKqx

@christian_aid (Christian Aid) tweeted:

Starting shortly #bbcaq on @BBCRadio4. Our Chief Executive, @AMukwashi, joins @dimbleby_jd and the panel. Listen li… https://t.co/bS4vp9js5n

@EczemaBoy (Jason Bournemouth) tweeted:

Let me just depart right from the off from members of both the right and the left who state they agree with broad p… https://t.co/DePS51KKJ5

@IanCMBE (Ian Cumming MBE) tweeted:

Different evidence? Is that the same as #alternativefacts?

@faaizalondon (faaiza bashir) tweeted:

#bbcaq Any Questions is SO infuriating. Question about kids eating out of BINS in England and Dominic Lawson respon… https://t.co/3wLYUucCPW

@BBCPolitics (BBC Politics) tweeted:

How do you think Mrs May's Brexit deal will fare in the Commons next week? If it's rejected, what do you think sho… https://t.co/WLxpln3sOG

@ImIncorrigible (I Am Incorrigible FC) tweeted:

Another case of MPs shooting themselves in the, um, I'm gonna say...feet. @lbc #bbcaq #newsnight #r4today https://t.co/sQlyHK7pXe

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#bbcaq the Iranians are economic migrants who were tourists freely visiting Serbia and decided to go west rather… https://t.co/SEqAS9iCKc

@ashleena_deike (Ashleena Deike) tweeted:

#bbcaq 'For the purpose of reality' - a phrase not used enough by interviewers when challenging their subjects on t… https://t.co/2qq1nqxSUQ

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