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Trend time: Fri Jan 11, 2019
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@SexEducationBR (Sex Education Brasil) tweeted:

HEY @NetflixBrasil EU NÃO ESTAVA PREPARADO PRA VER ISSO NO PRIMEIRO EP #SexEducation https://t.co/R2y8XkA8ij

@Netflix_PH (Netflix Philippines) tweeted:

"Knob" doesn't just mean a door handle. Which emoji do you use to describe what this British slang word refers to?… https://t.co/mIeP39mLjO

@Mae_DayJ () tweeted:

Good Morning Beautiful People! Today in the #ChronicLoaf stream we're havin a couple binges First we're checkin… https://t.co/ZWTjEvyAfH

@welshicetrike (Welsh Ice-cream Trik) tweeted:

We loved treating the cast and crew of the brand new #netflix series #sexeducation last summer @GillianA loved our… https://t.co/IK4K38xToL

@LilMissAnthropy (Kelly Kearney) tweeted:

Time? 8pmEST -10pm Place? @StarryMag Why? I'll be live tweeting the first two episodes of the SHAG-TASTIC… https://t.co/giabVSa1xJ

@peta (PETA) tweeted:

She's the star of the new show #SexEducation but @GillianA has long been educating the world about compassion for a… https://t.co/An5w4HrG5R

@EvieSpachis (evangeline spachis) tweeted:

Sorry but if #SexEducation doesn’t contain at least one of those teenage girls lusting after Gillian Anderson then… https://t.co/Ih9C9XkGX4

@MonsieurFlart (tH20 NIGRO) tweeted:

Je viens de finir #SexEducation et je suis DEEEEEG PUTAIN NAAAAAAAAN POURQUOI??????!!!! Vas-y là j’suis vénère

@lopez_brand (Brandon ) tweeted:

RT @hobby_consolas: Ya hemos visto #SexEducation, la nueva serie de Netflix que explora la sexualidad en todas sus vertientes. Os presentam…

@timoteapeach (ҽʅҽσɳσɾα//tizia in l) tweeted:

voglio un happy ending se no mi incazzo tanto #SexEducation https://t.co/I4ACOeT9tl

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