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Trend time: Fri Jan 11, 2019
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@SourKix (Sour Kix) tweeted:

Friday gonna be LIT

@ollie_thacker (Ollie Thacker) tweeted:

RT @SourKix: Friday gonna be LIT

@HaslemereFringe (Haslemere Fringe) tweeted:

RT @SourKix: Friday gonna be LIT

@welovewoking (We Love Woking) tweeted:

RT @SourKix: Friday gonna be LIT

@IanAnd58 (Ian Anderson) tweeted:

RT @SourKix: Friday gonna be LIT

@Nico_Water (Nico Wasserman) tweeted:

Tonight! 9PM on BBC Four, a doc I made with the mighty Stewart Copeland about drummers. Here's a clip of Sheila E.… https://t.co/0gKFYgOS8W

@shushitssusan () tweeted:

Stewart Copeland was my teenage crush. I had taste #ondrums #bbc4

@babylovedisco39 (Rosemary Woodhouse) tweeted:

Waiting for #ondrums on @BBCFOUR with @DaltonDog

@simonmaltman (Simon Maltman) tweeted:

BBC4 #ondrums with #stewartcopeland sounds flippin' class! Gonna have to finish up the writing a wee bit early.

@james_derby17 (James Derbyshire) tweeted:

Been looking forward to this! #OnDrums @copelandmusic https://t.co/ZKzuM05D1w

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