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@LucyTheReader (Lucy Powrie ) tweeted:

QUESTION THREE: Do you think loneliness is explored enough in YA? What aspects to feeling lonely do you think are i… https://t.co/Yv20UdpnKo

@h_kybettsmith (Holly Kybett Smith ) tweeted:

I think it's important to discuss the relationship between loneliness and lack of confidence. There's a huge differ… https://t.co/XhUpKhZvTM

@davidowenauthor (David Owen) tweeted:

Loneliness is quite difficult to explore in fiction because stories usually rely on characters interacting and BIG… https://t.co/8nMKTDuXPo

@LucyTheReader (Lucy Powrie ) tweeted:

I’d love to see more books about feeling lonely, even though you may be surrounded by lots of people. Lonely doesn’… https://t.co/HyeomOwNcc

@h_kybettsmith (Holly Kybett Smith ) tweeted:

@LucyTheReader I never, ever turn down real-life commitments in favour of online activity. I make sure to keep arra… https://t.co/AO37IILV76

@MadelineDyerUK (Madeline Dyer) tweeted:

Okay, can anyone recommend me some YA titles where the main character has chronic illness or disability? I’m *alway… https://t.co/7FtQ1FxkVK

@slouisebarnard (sarah barnard ) tweeted:

As a teen, social media (in its early-mid 00s forms...) def made me feel lonelier because of the dreaded FOMO #ukyachat

@cerisanne (Ceris Jones) tweeted:

@LucyTheReader No, but I desperately need some! Working with social media as well as having it play such a big role… https://t.co/kGwiyVFSFs

@neverlandvicki (vicki ☽) tweeted:

@davidowenauthor yes! i met 2 of my best friends on here and 1 on tumblr! idk what i’d do without them #UKYAChat

@cerisanne (Ceris Jones) tweeted:

@slouisebarnard @emilywillsher @LucyTheReader These sound like ideas I should probably adopt... #ukyachat

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